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Mediation Conditions for Landlords – LEASE/RENTAL

Posted by Admin on May 10, 2021

Mediation Conditions for Landlords with our Real Estate Agency

dandelion nekretnine uslovi saradnje sa agencijom podgorica

(03 July 2020)


We are often asked about our mediation conditions. It is a reasonable question since each real estate agency in Montenegro seems to have its own way of doing business and its own set of rules.

At Dandelion Agency we have only one type of mediation conditions with Landlords, which is also the most common one in Montenegro. The standard type of mediation conditions is the type the most real estate agencies in Montenegro offer and also the one that Landlords mostly prefer. It has also proven to be the one with most benefits for everyone over time.

-within this type of mediation the agency provision is equal to 1 (one) monthly rent for mediation services.
-after signing the Rental contract between the Landlord and Tenant all further obligations between our agency and the Landlord and Tenant end.
-in case of breaking the rules of the contract or earlier termination of the Lease by the Tenant, our agency is not obliged to return any part of its provisions. The Deposit, which is defined in our contract, is the penalty predicted for this type of matter. The Tenant looses deposit if stops renting before the time arranged in the Contract.

uslovi saradnje sa agencijom za nekretnine Podgorica agencija za nekretnine Dandelion Real Estate

In case the Lease Agreement is prolonged after expiring, our agency does not charge anything and does not have obligations

In case the Landlord wants to hire us to do the paperwork after expiry, help with communication and documentation, it costs 1/2 (half) of the monthly rent/provision

Our Agency keeps all the rights over the Photo, Video and other material that is made buy us regarding the property (even after the end of mediation). Our material is not allowed to be used without permit and is punished by law.

Properties that are not for rent stay on our website but are labeled as Rented and by that they are not offered to clients anymore.

Here you can download an example of our Mediation Contract Dandelion Real Estate

Here you can download an example of our Lease Agreement Dandelion Real Estate


Mostly asked questions:

agencija za nekretnine uslovi saradnje podgorica dandelion nekretnine

  • Do you give a guarantee for clients? -No. Our role is strictly mediation, that is finding a client for the Landlord. All other services are our free will to help our clients. The landlord estimates the client when they meet and chooses whether he/she wants to rent the apartment to that client or not.
  • Do you keep track of the bills? -No. We used to provide this service but there was often a misconception that we are responsible if the tenant does not pay bills. We advise landlords to keep track of the bills electronically themselves and to ask clients to send bank confirmations of their payments, which is also stated in our contract.
  • Do you visit the property from time to time for inspection? -Ne. Again, it is for the best that the landlord chooses whether to inspect the property and when.
  • Do you come to the notary with us? -No. We do prepare papers for the notary and give to clients or send to notary but we are often not present at the notary office.
  • Do you do a handover of the property? -No. the Contract is signed at our office and phone numbers are exchanged. We advise our clients to photograph the property at the handover and do make a list of things and current state which can be used at the final handover for comparison.

saradnja sa agencijom za nekretnine zakupac izašao ranije šteta garancije za zakupca

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