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Finding an apartment that suits your needs and wants is hard enough, but renting with pets can make your search even more difficult.

You’ve got a pet and you need a place for both of you to live but landlords aren’t crazy about renting to people with dogs and cats. Finding apartment with dog or cat can be extra time, patience and effort. But your pets are worth of it.


As a real estate agent with experience working with clients who have pets, we want to share some tips to make the process of finding a rental apartment easier.


With right advice and strategies, it is possible to find apartment that will welcome both you and your 4legged friend.


  1. Communicate TransparentlyBe honest with your Real Estate Agents, they are here to help you.When reaching out to agencies it’s important to be honest about the presence of your pet. Clearly state the type and size of your pet, as well as any specific requirements you have regarding the apartment. By being honest with your real estate agent, you foster a collaborative relationship built on trust, ensuring they can effectively advocate for your requirements and help you in the process of finding a pet-friendly rental.


„Honesty is the foundation of successful collaboration.

 Be open about the presence of your pet from the very beginning.“

pet friendly montenegro


  1. Prepare Reference Letters: If you have previous experience renting an apartment with a pet, prepare reference letters from previous landlords or veterinarians who can confirm your pet’s behavior and cleanliness.
  2. Create A “Dog Resume”:Be ready to prepare a good photo of your pet along with explanation of the arrangements made to care for your pet while you’re at work and a personal story.
  3. Offer a Pet Deposit: Demonstrate seriousness and responsibility by offering an additional pet deposit. Offer to pay an extra security deposit to compensate for any damage your furry friend may make to the property.


„A pet deposit is not just a financial transaction; it’s a gesture that demonstrates your commitment to caring for your pet and to this community.“

 pets in apartments

  1. Consider Your Dog’s Needs:While you probably know what you want in an apartment, what about your dog? Make a list of the ideal place for your dog to live (A dog park in walking distance, a safe neighborhood to go on walks and window they can look out of). While the apartment you get may not end up checking off the entire list, it should still accommodate the most critical points.

how to rent a pet friendly apartment


  1. Search ASAP: The sooner you start searching, the more options you will have and the less stressful the transition will be. Start by talking to other dog owners about potential rentals. They often have advice one may even have some insider info on an available apartment in their building. On the best places to rent, and the apartments you want to avoid.
  2. Be Prepared to Negotiate!!: Don’t be afraid to negotiate rental terms. In some cases, owners may be willing to make an exception for responsible pet owners.
  3. Apartment handover:„Before you say goodbye to your apartment, give it a good cleaning. Leaving it spotless shows your landlord you cared for the place. Plus, it boosts your chances of getting a great recommendation for your next rental. It’s a simple way to leave on a positive note!“

„Every conversation is an opportunity to build a bridge. Be ready to express your needs and find a mutually beneficial solution.“

how to find a pet friendly apartment


  1. Schedule A Meeting:If your dog is well-behaved and great with strangers, you can also request a meet and greet for your dog and potential landlord. However, remember that not all landlords will agree to this, so while it never hurts to ask, don’t be discouraged if the answer is no.
  2. Get The Agreement In Contract:Make sure you have it in writing that your dog is allowed in the building. Your rental contract should never include a clause that states pets aren’t permitted. Even if you have your landlord’s word that it is okay, make sure that any agreement with a no-pet clause gets amended before you sign it.

By following these detailed tips and approaching your search with patience, determination, and love for your furry companion, you’ll be well on your way to finding not just a house, but a home where you and your pet can thrive together. Remember, every wag of their tail and every purr of contentment is a testament to the joy they bring to your life. With your unwavering commitment to their well-being and the right guidance from a caring real estate agent, you’re bound to discover the perfect place where your pet is not just accepted, but embraced with open arms. Here’s to embarking on this exciting journey together, creating memories and forging a bond that will last a lifetime. Happy house hunting! ���❤️

„A house is not a home without pawprints.“

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